I like to connect people. To other people. To the world around them. To sites and smells and sounds. To things that matter. This is a site about those connections and relationships. Some good, some that just bear good fruit. bees and pollen and honey. Welcome. Here’s what you’ll find on my site.

PearlLittle Things

A trip to the beach always ends in itty bitty grains of sand everywhere. Oysters know how to turn a tiny grain of sand into something beautiful, cherished. And that’s what Sand is about – nuggets of inspiration and beauty.

Fire DartfishStrong Leadership

From the day we’re born, we’re influenced by people around us. In good ways and bad, big ways and small.  A Good Leader is  about honoring those influences and celebrating the betterment they give us… if we let them.

IMG_0116Memorable Moments

I’m a reptile. In the summer I go outside at lunch and lay on rocks to get warm. So it follows that all of my favorite places are hot and humid, a little bit tropical, spilling over with sunshine. Humidity is about sharing some of those places with you.

IMG_3927Comfort Food

We have to eat to live. So I can’t imagine an existence where the food we eat isn’t also spectacularly enjoyable. In my humble opinion, food should create memories, and Comfort Food is a place where I’m commemorating some of mine.


A site about connections.